Why Vegan?

Happy Monday! Summer is officially here ;) Yess! Ok, well, sunny Florida is not so shiny in the afternoon. When I moved here I learned that this is known as rainy season (afternoons = rain, rain and more rain).

During the weekend I went to a BBQ, and I realize things about my diet in just a couple of hours, that I haven’t before. As you may already know, I am vegetarian (mostly vegan & plant-based). However, I wasn’t 100% vegan because every other time I would have something with cheese (organic), a froyo, or ice cream. That day at the bbq I just confirmed that dairy is not good for me.

green smoothie

Giant green smoothie anyone?

The days before the bbq I ate vegan and plant-based, and I felt amazing (as I always do when I eat this way). My stomach was flat (literally), good digestion, I was in wonderstomach ;) Then, that day at the BBQ I didn’t have any options, other than cheese and crackers. I was starving (I wasn’t able to bring my food, and there was meat everywhere). Well, I had to eat cheese and crackers before I went mad. What happened? I started feeling bad, my stomach was bloated, *ugh* I felt horrible.

Then it hit me: “Jess you should stop having cheese dairyevery now and then”. I made an analysis and I discovered that every time I have any cheese, or anything dairy for the matter, my stomach hates it. The bloating, the gas, indigestion, everything goes wrong. That said, I’m finally going 100% vegan.

I first went vegetarian for health, environment, and animal rights issues. I am still firm on my reasons, and I expect people to respect my choice of veganism. Most people (meat eaters) don’t understand why I’m vegetarian. Honestly, I don’t care at all. I feel this is right for me, for mother nature, and for animals. I don’t think industrial farming is taking us any where. In fact, its destroying our health, our environment, and it’s absolutely cruelty against animals. I believe that we are supposed to leave earth better than we found it.

There you have my reasons. Every single one of us has different beliefs and different styles. Each one should do what works for you and your overall health.

Now I’m leaving. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Monday question:

Are you a vegan or a vegetarian?

Does people keep asking you why?

Any thoughts on vegan?

Xx Jess

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9 thoughts on “Why Vegan?

  1. Cailee

    I’ve tried being a vegan or simply cutting out dairy, but as of late I’m learning that the best way of eating for ME is ‘all things in moderation.’ Whenever I CAN’T have something I immediately want it… but that’s just me! I couldn’t agree with you more on eating in a way that’s best for YOU! Everyone is different… thus all of our diets can be different too!! :) Glad that you are finding something that works for you!!! :)

    1. Jess Post author

      Agree with you Cailee, finding what works for one is the best choice. It’s a way to connect with your body, and getting to know it in a level that makes you feel nourished, comfortable and happy :)

  2. Melissa @ Nourish By Melissa

    I am just like you were before….vegetarian but mostly vegan because I do not eat dairy (minus the very very rare dairy icecream), however I do have the occasional egg or something that has egg in it! I hope to eventually transition to completely vegan as well :)

    1. Jess Post author

      I’m opposed to you, I rarely had eggs, funny huh? :P Though I know they are a great food for you, I wasn’t obsessed with them. That’s why I don’t think I’ll miss eggs that much. Let’s see how this journey goes!!

    1. Jess Post author

      I honestly loved cheese, but I realize that it seriously makes me feel bad, like really bad, so for the sake of my mental health I’m going vegan :D even when people think I’m crazy ;) Ignoring them is the best approach!!

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