Last Week Recap Photoshoot Style

Happy Thursday friends!! I am officially the girl missing in action. I’m sorry, but I had to enjoy Jou’s visit last week. He left this Monday and I was am sad, so I took these past days off to breath and focus my energy. Given that, I thought that it was nice to share with you a recap in a photoshoot collage style ;)

On June 7 Jou arrived in Fort Lauderdale, which means I drove for the first time in Florida to pick him up!! Later that day we took his family to the port of Miami (they were going on a cruise).  Obviously I had to stop at a Whole Foods, because I haven’t visited one since I arrived in Miami, and that’s reason enough, right? Right!

Fast forwarding to the photos (and my lovely talk) we went to the movies (X-men and 22 Jump Street? yes, please!). We also went shopping twice, we enjoyed a couple of bike rides, an atlantisopoly game, and an ice cream night.Miami funIn case you are wondering, Jou bought me both dresses ($10 each, couldn’t pass the deal). Continuing with our adventures, we visited Gator Park to enjoy the air boat ride (plus cute tiny -and not so tiny- alligators)Post June 182Oh and I almost kissed a frog (yuck)… Well, I was close enough for the photo though… Whatever, that day was freaking hot and I don’t know why I was in jeans… What I do know is that even when we were busy the whole week I kept my healthy lifestyle with green juices, green smoothies and snacks ;)Post June 18Also, if you are wondering, I carried a bag full of healthy snacks when we were out. That way I wouldn’t fall in the temptation of eating crappy food. Planning beats hungry… Ok, I had a little too much french bread.

Finally, we went to Miami Beach, because duhhhh, we had to!Post June 183Nice place, but after growing with beautiful beaches (I’m totally an island girl) this was just ok. It did the trick though ;)

Last week was full of quality time with my half banana! I adore him, and I can’t wait for him to move here with me (probably in two to three months).

On another note, during these days off of the blog world I’ve had some serious thinking about the blog. I want it to grow, and I’m currently organizing ideas and thoughts. I want this space to be more than just a hobby… I want dearhealthyness to be my future career.

Now I’m leaving, I have a special second interview today (on probably my future workplace). I’m really excited, because (if this one works) I will be in the health and wellness industry.

Have a great Thursday! See you tomorrow!

Thursday question

Have you lived far from family? If you had, how did you managed homesick feelings? So far, I’m focusing my energy in positive thoughts, I workout, I’m enrolled in nutrition courses, I’m reading, doing yoga, baking, cooking new foods, and running.

Xx Jess

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6 thoughts on “Last Week Recap Photoshoot Style

  1. Anna-Marie @BeautyandtheBeets

    Hey! Welcome back…I’ve been missing your blogging….I live in Florida and my Mom is in NYC and I absolutely hate it. I am the grown woman with tears streaming down her face every time I am at the airport getting ready to leave New York. We have vowed to move closer – I just need to get Chad on board. Of course we have lived further apart, for a while I was in NYC and she was in California!!

    1. Jess Post author

      Awwww thanks Anna!! I know I will cry almost every time I’m at airports (unless is vacations), specially because I know won’t see my family in a long time!

  2. GiGi Eats

    I’ve pretty much lived far away from my family for my whole life. I do still get a little homesick sometimes but really, I just make where I live my HAVEN, a place where I feel utter comfort and that tends to help homesickness. I actually do not like to go home to visit because when I return to my life… It’s so hard to adjust!

    1. Jess Post author

      That’s pretty much what I’m working towards. Make this place sooo great that I don’t miss home at all :D Though I haven’t experienced yet the feeling of going home for a few days, and then back here, I know that it is likely to be harder to get back in track!

  3. Jan @ Sprouts n Squats

    I love the decision that you’ve made to make your blog more than just a hobby! If you need any help with helping it grow please let me know :)

    I love all your great pictures. The weather in all the photos looks amazing and I am jealous because it is definitely winter time here now!

    1. Jess Post author

      Thank you Jan, I will consider your offer!!! Yessss, I want this to grow, I know it will take longer than I expect to, but it eventually will, because I’m seriously looking to it ;)
      Hope your winter get’s a bit warmer :D

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