Friday Favorites: Juices and Rides

F R I D A Y, I’ve never been so excited for the weekend. Why? Jou arrives tomorrow!!!!!! I’m finally seeing him after a month. Can you believe I’ve been in Miami for a month? Time flies. Oh well, aside from my excitement for tomorrow, today I want to share my favorites of the week. First, a shout out to Heather for hosting the link-up. Thank you!!

This week is all about the different juices I’ve tried, a bit of food and some bike rides in the afternoon, because the weather was gorgeous!

#1 Juices: So far I’ve tried these three combos:

  • Apple + Celery + Carrotsorganic apples, organic celery, organic carrots, juice
  • Apple + Romaine Lettuce + Carrotsgreen juices, healthy
  • Cucumber + Apple + Carrot + Celery + Romaine LettuceIMG_1411

My favorite was combo #3! It was really yummy. Today I’m trying one with kiwi, spinach and romaine lettuce ;) I’ll let you know how it goes. (As I mentioned on Monday, I juice for different reasons, and I believe it can be part of a healthy lifestyle).

#2 Afternoon bike ridesbike ride, afternoon in miami, rainbow

afternoon in Miami, bike ride

Bike selfie?

IMG_1428With this gorgeous weather, who can blame me? I certainly couldn’t avoid the desire to go outside and enjoy a nice breezy ride. Rainbow, sun  and clear skies? I’m in (shadow selfie included :P).

#3 This delicious mealIMG_1416We ran out of gas, so I had to be creative with my food. What to eat? Well a gigantic salad with a microwaved “baked” sweet potato. The salad included yellow peppers, tomatoes, cucumber, white onion, spinach, spring mix, black beans, a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

#4 Strawberry and Peanut Butterstraberry and peanut butter, dessertI’ve never tried this combo before, until this week. Yummy and nice way to end my previous meal. Organic strawberries and peanut butter (of course they can’t compete with banana and pb). Have you tried this one before?

Well friends, that’s all I got for today! Wishing you a great beginning of the weekend. See ya Monday!

Friday question:

Do you like homemade juices?

How is the weather in your area?

Do you like biking? or do you prefer running?

Xx Jess

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10 thoughts on “Friday Favorites: Juices and Rides

    1. Jess Post author

      I’ve never tried that combo, but I’ve tried the sweet potato + hummus! However, I might have some fun with peanut butter + sweet potatos and cinnamon for dinner tonight!!

    1. Jess Post author

      Peanut/almond/any nut butter are a great add to any fruit!!! Vitamixxxx I can’t wait to have my own!! I’m a kitchen appliances lover :D nad I know a Vitamix is a must!!

  1. Yasmin

    Hope you and Jou had an awesome time together!!
    And nutbutter and strawberries or any fruit for that matter are totally the best thing ever!!
    When people say helathy eating is boring I can’t help but think seriously? Like have you ever had strawberries smothered in peanut butter?
    Definitely never get’s boring!!

    1. Jess Post author

      Thank you! And yes, healthy eating is never boring, I even believe it’s fun, because you get to experiment with so many new recipes!! Love this lifestyle ;)

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