Dear Monday:

I’m glad you are here because that means five more days until I see my banana! Woot woot!

Friends, how was your weekend? Anything interesting? I went to the movies and saw Maleficent (nice twist), went to the Miami International Mall, and got the opportunity to shoot some arrows :P

Last Friday I mentioned that I finally got my juicer. I’ve been after one for a while, for multiple reasons. My number one being that I want to do a juice cleanse with homemade juices. Can’t wait to do the cleanse, but for now I’m introducing myself to juices.breville juicer, juicer, juice cleanseI did my first one this morning with organic apples, organic carrots and organic celeryorganic apples, organic celery, organic carrots, juiceI have to say that it was really good, and though it smelled like celery, it didn’t taste as celery perse.

I know that many people don’t believe, or even like juice cleanses. Heck, there is people who don’t even believe in juicing at all. However, I do believe they offer benefits to our health, and they are a nice reboot to the system. Even if you are not into cleansing, a morning juice (on an empty stomach) will work wonders for your digestive system, and your overall health.

I’ll let you know more about the juice cleanse, but for now know that I’m reading and learning recipes. I want to make sure that I prepare good juices, with a variety of fruits and vegetables. I’m not going to load myself on sugary juices (meaning that I won’t be loading the juices with fruits), but I need this restart and system break.

I was introduced to the juicing world in Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, and I agreed with everything they presented. I’m incorporating a morning juice to my routine, but I’m hoping to keep adding them at different times. Don’t think I’ll be living on juices only, I know they get rid of fiber, and I need to chew something or else I’ll go mad :P Balance and moderation is the key.

Now I’m leaving, I’m chewing having breakfast!

Monday question:

What are your thoughts on juicing?

Xx Jess

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9 thoughts on “Juicing

  1. Cailee

    I think that juicing can be super healthy if done in the right way!! As long as it’s part of a healthy diet… I think it’s great! I know it takes tons of discipline to do a juice fast though… Idk if I could do it!!

    1. Jess Post author

      Agree with you! If done in the right way it can be super healthy!!! :D I know it takes commitment to do a juice cleanse. but it is possible!! :D

    1. Jess Post author

      I’m hooked with juicing, but right now I’m dissapointed at my juicer, because I’ve only used it a couple of times and it’s no longer working, and I literally received it last week :( I’ll make sure to check the giveaway!! Thanks for stopping by!

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