Wait… What do you eat?

Hi friends!! April 28th… 1/4 of the year is basically gone. Time is flying!! I don’t know about you, but I think that a few years ago time didn’t go by so fast… Maybe I’m just crazy :P

Today I want to talk about a hilarious and funny question people ask me whenever I eat outside, or I tell someone I’m vegetarian (mostly vegan). You are what? Why? Wait… then What do you eat?

Yes, I’m vegetarian/vegan for multiple reasons, which I’m not planning on discussing. We are different persons with different beliefs. That said, even when I’d love the world to be vegetarian/vegan, I’m not stalking people to eat  the way I do. Note: I say mostly vegan because every now and then I might have something with cheese, ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Back to what I eat. Puerto Rico is a place where meat is part of every meal, our american breakfasts of eggs, bacon, ham and cheese are everywhere. Many of our traditional dishes include meat, so trust me when I’m saying how hard it is to go out for lunch/dinner. That’s one of the main reasons I’d rather cook my foods. You could be a vegetarian or vegan out of frozen  meals and oreo’s, but my goal is health, not hospitals.

Sometimes I’ll go out for dinner with Jou, and we always laugh when the waiter comes smiling, telling me about their steaks, fish, pork ribs or yummy chicken specials, until (after five minutes of describing their meat menu) I say: “hey, I’m vegetarian, do you have anything without meat?” Whaaaaat? that’s their face. You bi**h smiled at me while I was describing meat when you don’t eat it? I know that’s their real thought :P H i l a r i o u s! After that inner thought they would make the fundamental question: then, what do you eat? Lettuce and tomatoes?

Dear people: I am vegetarian. I don’t live out of lettuce and tomatoes,or salads. In fact my diet is 1,000 times more varied now that I don’t eat meat. I eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, I eat whole grains, legumes, tofu, and the list goes on and on. In September I visited my cardiologist (who was actually excited to see a heart as healthy as mine), and she gave me green light with vegetarianism.

Final point: I eat a healthy diet, I have different source of plant-based protein. I’m constantly reading, to make sure I receive the nutrients I need. The fact that (many, not all) people believe that they are healthier than me because I don’t eat meat is wrong (in fact I’m not eating as much saturated fat as they are). I’m not living out of salads, and there is a whole, and amazing variety of food out there that make the vegetarian/vegan options tasteful.

Wheeewww I’m leaving now, I could go on with an essay, but I’d rather leave you with some funny quotes!

Monday question:

If you are a vegan/vegetarian do people ask you what do you eat? or Where do you get your protein from? Most of the time people ask me those questions, other times they’ll say “oh but you need meat to survive, I know many vegetarians that are dying at hospitals”  Say what? I had a vegan professor who NEVER missed a day. He was as healthy as a new born!! So, ;) don’t think that I’m going to buy that!

Xx Jess


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14 thoughts on “Wait… What do you eat?

  1. Jaclyn @ BumpSweat

    I was vegetarian for over a year, and most of that time basically vegan. I loved my experience, because I learned how to cook all types of foods I wouldn’t have without being a veggie girl :) I love now that my husband asks for vegan meals; they’re tasty, satisfying, and, in general, less pricey!

    1. Jess Post author

      That’s super nice!!!!! One of my favorite things about being veggie is that I’ve learned to cook many different foods. I’ve also included a lot of new options in my diet as well. I can firmly say that I eat much healthier now than I did before.

  2. Liz @ I Heart Vegetables

    Hahaha omg, these are so true, and I hear the question “Can you eat that?” ALL the time. My mother-in-law is so funny, she’s always afraid she’s going to make something I can’t eat! I keep telling her than angel food cake is vegetarian ;)

    1. Jess Post author

      hahaha… can you eat that? Yup, I know the question! It’s funny how people are always scared of what you eat or not, so they are wondering whether or not they’ll be able to cook for you :D

  3. Courtney @RunningforCupcakes

    Haha I actually wrote a post very similar to this one a couple months ago! People are so ridiculous sometimes. I don’t know why being a vegetarian is such a strange concept to so many people. I eat way healthier now than I did before I became vegetarian and I’m pretty sure I get more protein now than I ever did before. Keep doing you!

    1. Jess Post author

      Courtney couldn’t agree more! My diet is soooo cool right now! I eat many food I’ve never tried before. I’m happy to say that I’m a lot healthier than I use to, thanks to being vegetarian!

    1. Jess Post author

      Clean eating, for the puertorican culture is hard. Bread, white rice, meat every where, fried food… They look at you like you are from another planet!! Come on… Dear Puerto Ricans: I’m just like you, but I use brown rice, I eat veggies, and I prefer baked and roasted over fried :P

  4. Brooke

    I eat a mostly vegan diet as well and can totally relate to this! It can be a touchy subject, but a mostly vegan diet works for me. I feel healthier and more like myself than I did while eating meat. I also cook at home more, am more creative with my meals and really pay attention to what I’m eating. There are so many delicious veggie options out there! My boyfriend who is not vegetarian has even started choosing vegetarian dishes over meat alternatives :)

    1. Jess Post author

      I’m hoping that my boyfriend will join the veggie train soon!! He is a meat lover, but lately he’s willing to try more veggies, and that’s a success!

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