WIAW: Outside Dinner

Hi!! Today is Ash Wednesday! If any of you is Catholic, are you doing a promise/sacrifice? I’m still undecided between two things, I’ll let you know tomorrow.

I’m sharing again a WIAW, but this time is about the delicious food I enjoyed this past weekend after my hiking adventure.

The feast dinner began with some fried corn sticks photo 5(1)Of course, I ate that lovely decoration :P I needed vegetables right? Then our main course arrived. It was relatively quick, so I guess they knew we were hungry.IMG_2981I enjoyed a delicious “arroz mamposteado” (basically rice mixed with beans), but this one included sweet plantain pieces. Score!!!! Great add to the rice. Jou, a.k.a. the meat-eater, devoured a “mofongo with churrasco”. Who do you think ate Jou’s side of vegetables? ;) Finally, we obviously wanted dessertIMG_2982Vanilla flan (custard). Oh my yummy food! Perfect way to end our dinner. This wasn’t neither the most healthy nor unhealthy meal. I enjoyed it, and that is more important!

Check out other food options over at Jenn’s blog (the host of the yummiest link-up on earth).

Have a great day!!

Wednesday question:

What do you like to order when eating outside? 

Are you a grass eater? Jou calls me so, because I have the ability to go to a buffet and eat 3 plates of green vegetables :D.

Xx Jess

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6 thoughts on “WIAW: Outside Dinner

    1. Jess Post author

      They are amazing!! You need to boil water with sugar and salt (depending on how sweet you want them, is the amount of sugar). Then you’ll start adding slowly corn meal. Keep mixing, auntil a nice mass form. Let it sit for a while (until it reaches normal temperature), then you form sticks, or balls and fried them ;). Some other people will boil the water without sugar and salt, is up to preference!!!

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