Core and Cardio Workout

Morning everyone!!! How are you? Rise and shine you there!! Today I woke up in a great mood! Why? Well, now in Puerto Rico with all the credit issues people are stressed, thinking about the future and what it holds. I decided that I didn’t want to stress about it too. I’m focusing my energy in positive thoughts, what do I want to do, and trace a plan to make it. Yesterday I read a beautiful post by Heather from Housewifeglamour that reminded me that I don’t need to keep running in circles. Law of attraction people!!

Is not that I’m the crazy girl that lives in wonderland, who believes that everything can happen (indeed I do), but I choose to stay positive, and look for opportunities. I can sit back and complain about everything, or I can start being positive and look for options. Anyways, today I wanted to share with you a core workout I did during the weekend. It’s similar to this legs workout, but instead of performing a lower body exercise, you’ll do a core one.CORERecommendations: if you can do it at a gym, local court or some wooden floor to reduce knee impact, do it. Stay hydrated, and don’t skip the stretch routine. I know maaaaany people don’t like to stretch, but it’s important people! A healthy body needs muscles, balance, and flexibility. You need to have the three of them.

I found this post of Fitsugar that explains most of the exercises I did, the other ones, check them out:

Now I’m leaving, the positive version of myself has a to do list that needs to be completed! Have a great Thursday!


What are your favorite core exercises?

Xx Jess

DISCLAIMER: Although I passed my personal trainer certification test, not all exercises are suitable for everyone. I share based on my knowledge and experience. Consult your doctor before starting this or any other routine, and keep in mind impact before performing an exercise. What works for me doesn’t necessarily works for everyone.

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