My mostly “healthy” everyday routine

Hiiiii there :D W-e-d-n-e-s-d-a-y January 15 already!!! Weren’t we celebrating New Year’s yesterday? ;)

Today I wanted to share with you a glimpse at my mostly “healthy” everyday routine. I work part-time at a non-profit organization, and I’m studying my Master’s Degree. I did part at campus and I’m doing part online. It takes a looot of hard work to finish the online part, but I’m trying my best.

Food: If you wonder what I eat I could show you this picture of yesterday’s lunch:

IMG_2496Boiled sweet potato, pumpkin and spicy tofu over a bed of spinach with water. I basically eat sweet potato, and anything similar on an everyday basis. I love them more than any other type of food. You won’t see much rice or pasta here. I try to stay on the clean eating as much as possible, but you could find me eating a frozen yogurt, chips or a piece of brownie too ;) Everything in balance!

My breakfasts are mostly cereal + almond milk + bananas, peanut butter + banana sandwich, or overnight oats! IMG_1575Friday Favorites Nov 15 (4)IMG_1968

(Those are recycled photos). Every now and then I’ll do some “pancakes” or some scramble eggs. There is only one thing that HAS to be on my everyday breakfast: bananas! If I don’t eat them, my breakfast isn’t complete. Keep in mind that I try to stay on the plant-based diet as much as possible, but I don’t do it 100% of times. My eating is mostly healthy because I love chocolate, and any form of sweets, as well as chips!

Workouts: I try to do a form of cardio with a strength training session almost everyday. Some days I’ll only do cardio, some others strength training. For example, yesterday I did a 40 minutes cardio interval at the treadmill, followed by an abs routine, and finished it with foam rolling.

After taking my certification to become a personal trainer I learned a lot about muscles, health and how to exercise properly. I apply this knowledge with my workouts in every sense. As I have already mentioned, I have arthritis, so I need to exercise to stay healthy, but I need to do it correctly to avoid injuries.

However, when I’m not in the mood, I may skip a workout and stay on the couch. I have a hard time waking up early to workout! I’m more a workout in the afternoon-night kind of person :D But exercising is definitively an important part of my life.

I love to eat clean and I love to exercise. I told you yesterday that I believe that it takes commitment and discipline to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

As you can see I’m mostly healthy, but not 100%! Balance is the key :D

Now go ahead and tell me your mostly healthy routine!

Have a great Wednesday!

Xx Jess

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