Friday Favorites 2nd week of January

Hi people :)

Yesterday I missed you, but I was full of work and college! Today I’m back to share my Friday Favorites as always ;) Thank you Heather!!! :D This is definitively one of my favorite post to write!Friday-Favorites-Button-Housewife-GlamourLet’s begin :D

#1 New Year’s Eve DressIMG_2330I bought this dress in Charlotte Russe a couple of months ago, but I didn’t wear it until New Year’s eve. Since, you might remember from this post, I couldn’t find anything for the holidays, I said to myself at the beginning of November, hey Jess you have this beautiful dress, use it ;) It was $18.99 when I bought it; a win-win (cheap and pretty). I look up through their galleries and this color block maxi dress was the most similar I could find.

#2 Kate Moss for Rimmel London Red LipstickIMG_2472I wasn’t a fan of using red lipstick, but now I am. Simple eyes, bold lips ;)IMG_2328They are a statement of confidence! The color is #01 of the Lasting Finish by Kate Moss line. In case you are looking for one, this one is great. Oh, and it also tastes good :D (weird I know, but it do smells and tastes good!)

#3 New locket necklaceIMG_2469In this locket necklace you could write your own story with charms (similar to Pandora bracelets), or you could choose charms of things that you love. Mine has 5 things that I love: the ring-> representing my banana, the weights-> my love for exercise, the aunt heart-> my love for my nephews, the tree of life-> my favorite tree ;), and the mask-> my love for acting. The lockets come in different forms to choose from, and they have different charms, backgrounds as well. Check them out at their website.

#4 1,000 Pieces puzzleIMG_2470Yup, I bought a 1,000 pieces puzzle. I saw it and I love it! Let’s see how long it takes to do it, considering that my biggest puzzle was of 100 pieces ;)

#5 Once Upon a TimeopatNewest obsession! I was searching through Netflix, and since I’ve heard about this before, I decided to try it. Best decision ;) I’m hooked with it. Already done with season 1, and just started season 2. I bet I’ll finish season 2 within a week :D.

#6 The Wolf of Wall Streethr_The_Wolf_of_Wall_Street_14For some people it may be too much corruption, drugs and sex. However, I found it very interesting and real. Leonardo DiCaprio went to another level in his acting. Good movie to see!

Well friends! I got to go now ;) Hope you liked it! Thanks for stopping by and have a nice day and weekend!

Friday question:

What’s your Friday Favorite?

What’s your favorite tv show? I watch tv shows mostly online. My list includes, but is not limited to, Breaking Bad, Once Upon a Time, Pretty Little Liars, The Vampire Diaries, among others.

Xx Jess

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8 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 2nd week of January

  1. Amee @

    Hi Jess! You look amazing in that dress. What a find. I’m excited to go out and find that lipstick to cross that off my list of “grown up” things I should be wearing.

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