Stereotypes in advertising

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Yesterday when I was driving back from home I saw a billboard from “Lestoil” (cleaning product) that has bothered me for a while now. I’ve seen this ad before, and every time I see it I think that it’s so wrong, it’s a stereotype and I feel kind of angry. photoIt says “who would’ve thought that together they’ll get along so well, the union of power and fragrance” From the image you could see the woman it’s either a doctor or a business woman, with a tattooed man. So what?, you might ask. Well, I think is a stereotype of society that a person with tattoos is wrong, or an evil person who can’t be with a professional. It can also be interpreted as the POWER of man, and the fragrance of woman. The stereotype is also in the phrase that is judging a relationship between these two “different” persons.

Can’t it be the tattooed man the doctor who saved your life, and now you are judging him by some ink? Can’t the woman be the POWER and the man the fragrance. But even their clothes are part of it, she is the delicate woman, while he has this “masculine strong” look.

This ad just remembered me Arman’s discussion on he/she thinks food and gender stereotypes. In Arman’s post I commented him how I would love to see an ad of a woman eating a burger or a man eating a salad. Why are we so ruled by stereotypes of beauty, relationships, culture, gender roles, and everything around?specialkSource

Advertising certainly comes from our culture and society. Someone has the idea, but we accept it and embrace it. Ads will sell you what happiness is, or the stereotyped idea of happiness. A thin women, a man full of muscles, the sports are related to man, while cleaning products to women. Water and salads to a woman, burgers and fries to a man.mentosSource

Stereotypes are everywhere you look on advertising, and they make me feel sad and angry. Our society has evolved so much in certain ways, but it’s definitively stuck in time with stereotypes.

Btw: watch Killing Us Softly, a video documentary on gender representation in media.

Now tell me, what are your thoughts?

I’m leaving you all because, although I can write a 100 pages essay about the topic, I have to work now. I’ll see ya later! Hope to hear from you!

Xx Jess

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2 thoughts on “Stereotypes in advertising

  1. Arman @ thebigmansworld

    Thanks for this post and your perspective on it- Its ironic how stereotypes are also outside of just food and gender- it does stem to other areas and tattoos are the PERFECT example- one of my best friends kept getting knocked back for jobs because of her tattoos- yet she is the nicest, smartest person I know! They assume a tough exterior, masculine- its terrible!

  2. Jess Post author

    That’s right! A lot of people will be judged based on their appearance, like your friend. “Don’t judge a book by the look of its cover”… sadly that’s society favorite sport in every aspect of life, and it’s so old fashioned.

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