Random Things you didn’t know about me

Hello friends! Happy Thursday to y’all! Today I want to share some things you didn’t know about me.

  1. I’m a balloon artist :D My sister took a course a couple of years ago, and she taught me everything she knows. Occasionally you’ll find me working with balloons and doing beautiful things. Our decoration business name is: Jenny’s  Magic Balloons, check us on Facebook and like it ;) A few examples of our work:JMB11JMB16JMB17
  2. I’m a cake/cookie/cupcakes/desserts artist too! Yes, I can do all kind of naughty sweets. Last year I took a cake course that included cookies and cupcakes. It was fantastic, let me tell ya’. I have my recipes portfolio, and all I have to do is check them out when I want something sweet. However, I haven’t done cakes in like forever. I did three or four after the course, but sadly I lacked of enough time to make them (work + college, and believe me a cake consumes lots of time). I’m thinking about a little practice now on December to earn some extra income.
  3. I’m almost a certified personal trainer. This one you might already read about it here and here. Whenever I share with you a workout, I’ll let you know the famous disclaimer, that says “although I’m waiting for my personal trainer test results, not all exercises are suitable for everyone, etc” Irony, huh? Cakes and personal trainer? Well life takes unexpected paths ;) photo 3
  4. I work for a non-profit organization, and let me tell ya’, it’s the best place I’ve worked so far. I’ve learned so much, and gained valuable insights in a world completely different from corporations. I manage all social networks, promotions, and assist in administrative duties. Also, I was responsible for coordinating over 200 conferences, of which I gave over a 100 on advertising and marketing (my career focus). So, I do public speaking and I’m technically an events planner too ;) jesscr
  5. I have a background in musical theater. I went three years to an arts school, while attending high school from Monday to Friday, I stayed there from Friday to Sunday. It was a lifetime experience, and it gave me my first opportunity to grow independently. With them I had the opportunity to travel to Venezuela for an International Arts festival. It’s definitively something I miss to do, and would love to do again. Arts are very special for me; with them you can say many things through different forms of expression.
  6. A couple of years ago I tried modeling, and now I kind of regret it, because I lost $1,600. I was tricked by a model agency named B-Star that promised me a lot of things, that NEVER happened. They actually didn’t teach anything at all, and if you didn’t pay, they wouldn’t give you your photos or anything (I pay and still didn’t have my photos). SUCKS! Maybe at some other agency it would’ve turn out better. My lesson? Many agencies are only after your money and would promise you the moon so you can fall prey. My Advice? If you want to model go to truly recognized agencies. setsi jess ;) 3
  7. I have to eat bananas daily or I’ll turn into a monster ;) I’m serious! Ohh and I love cereal so much that I once eat it from breakfast to dinner every day for a couple of days!IMG_1968
  8. That’s all for today. I’ll tell you more things on a future! Now, I have to continue working from home, to exercise, study (I’m doing all college works before heading to New York this Sunday), watch a movie, and enjoy some quality time with my nephew.

See ya later ;)

Now it’s your turn, let me know random things about you!

Xx Jess

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